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Job Title: Marketing Executive

Job Title: Marketing Executive

Th 6 21/04/2023 2 phút đọc


We are a MAISON, the first collaborative creative perfumery house for the luxury-lifestyle generation, who want to stand out from everyday scents with sustainable haute couture natural ingredients. We believe each one of us deserves to create their own unique scent through experiences within its beautiful and luxurious boutiques as well as online, allowing tailor-made creations for all with an astounding quality at its core.

We are currently seeking a meticulous and hardworking Marketing Executive to be in charge of the full set of marketing functions and support the Sales Department.


  • Marketing ideas and plans.
  • Product launch plans.
  • Trade Promotion schedules, planning and execution.
  • Actively plan and implement creative marketing ideas and calendars to build the market share and awareness of brands.
  • Ensure that all marketing plans are executed in line with brand image and expected standards.
  • Constantly enhance brand representation and visual display in the stores, ensuring that the in-store merchandising reflects the image and spirit of the brand.
  • Formulate effective advertising strategies to optimize the exposure of the brand in the most cost-effective way and ensure they are executed in line with the standard and direction.
  • Develop local media and creative campaigns for the brand.
  • Ensure that production such as point-of-sale materials, packaging, and brand stationery are produced in line with established image and standards.
  • Support departmental store planning and overall sales targets are achieved.
  • Tie in with department store events to arrange promotion offers and ensure quality execution.
  • To co work with the sales team to propose promotion plans and execution.
  • Ensure that marketing programs are effectively communicated to the sales team and the necessary logistics are well managed.
  • To purpose monthly trade promotion on E-commerce.
  • Motivate the distribution channels through exciting joint programs, incentives, sales ideas, etc. to ensure that we are accorded preferred status.
  • Forecast sufficient selling stocks, testers, POS materials and samples for each promotion.



  • At least 3-year Marketing Executive experience
  • Co-up planning and execution
  • Proposal and presentation skill
  • Trade operation experience
  • eCommerce activity


  • Master or Bachelor Degree

Key Success Factors:

  • Timely accomplish projects and Marketing plan
  • High-quality Media plan including media, digital and PR execution


  • Monday to Saturday: 10 A.M to 7 P.M
  • Probationary period: one month


  • Competitive Salary
  • Social, unemployment & health insurances of the Employee will be paid in accordance with the regulations on insurance
  • Other benefits: according to the Company’s Labor Regulation and current labor regulations


Please send your CV not later than 30th April 2023 to email address: hr@maison21g.vn 

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